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Friday, September 4, 2009

16 weeks = 4 months!

4 Months!!!
Yay! A little mile marker! I feel great, i haven't hit that magical 2nd trimester of getting my energy back yet. I'm excited to be eating SUPER healthy again! Ton of veggies, but not craving salmon yet. No biggie. I had my first preggo charlie horse leg cramp last night and it SUCKED! I've gotten them tons before and know to slowly flex my foot, but when you wake up to pain in the middle of the night your body feels frozen and every move feels painful, its scary! mmm, I want an avocado so bad!!!

I've been craving fried southern food lately! I was craving country fried steak, and it had to wait 3 days to have it, and it was AMAZING. I want fried chicken, K.FC chicken bowls . . . mmm anything fried. But I'm not indulging one bit! I have one cheat day a week and normally it ends up being one meal - like something fried. It's hard to not eat sweets during the day, but luckily I'm glued to my desk at work and can't have the liberty to go to the store and buy something! I joke that i have a little Paula Deane in my stomach.

Speaking of a little Paula Deane vs. a little Paul Deane, I got up the nerve to call my dr. a week before i'm going to see her for the triple screen blood test, to see if she'd let me schedule my ultrasound appointment now, over the phone. I started thinking how i will be 17 weeks when i see her, and i didn't want the appointments to fill up in the next 3 weeks for the gender ultrasound. And hubby works mon-fri - 12 hour shifts the whole week of my 20th week. And heaven forbid if i have to wait until my 21st week to find out the gender! So i called and left the nurse a message, i didnt think she'd call me back, but she did! And i got the exact time and day appointment that i needed . . . . We will find out the gender of this little baby on Sept. 25th at 9am. I CAN'T WAIT!!! And hubby will be there with me! I'm going to make either blue or pink centered cupcakes for work!

And I finally came to and am back to being honestly happy with a little boy or girl!

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