baby countdown!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've been feeling the baby kick and thump around . . . not completely convinced if it was the baby or not . . . but i know for sure now!!! And Hubby felt it last night for the first time ever! It was awesome!!! You can't predict when the baby will kick, it may kick once and then not kick for another hour or so. We were watching tv and the cat was sitting on me and i felt the baby move around (we ate taco's for dinner, I hear that baby's like mexican). So i stuck my hand under my shirt and sure enough felt movement. But was it me breathing? Was it my stomach digesting? I got Hubby to lean over and press on belly and sure enough he felt it thump too!!! We had to mute the TV and sit for a second or two to make sure it was the baby. Hubby thought it was me breathing . . . i guess when its this small your brain still isnt convinced that there's something in there. I thought this would be one of those tearful moments, but like the other things it was not emotional like i had thought (first ultrasound, first listen to the heartbeat). I think i'll cry on friday when i find out the gender!

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