baby countdown!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baby Brain

Baby Brain Story of the Day:
Microwaved lunch at work, can't find plastic fork i got out 2 seconds earlier. Microwave dings. Get plate out of microwave, found the fork, I microwaved it with my food.

I'm starting a new thread of post's tagged as "Pregnancy Side Effects." It will be the good, the bad, the ugly and the scary things that I am experiencing.
  • + I think my hair is growing faster!
  • - Food aversions
  • - INSANE mood swings and paranoia and impatience and sarcasm (my 11th week), I fear that I could get fired from work if I one day slip and tell my coworkers what i really think -
  • INSANE sleepiness at 2pm, good thing my OB said i can have 2 cups of coffee - I'm am only drinking 1 cup of decaf when i need it
  • - Hard to breathe when working out
  • + Awesome random food cravings . . . nothing crazy, just completely random and strong and the food taste so much more enhanced and magical when you eat it!
  • - The diahreeha or constipation, oneday I'm good, the next I' backed up.
  • - The baby brain!!! It hit me, I am now acting like a dumb blonde, forgetting what I'm doing or forgetting that I just asked something and then ask again.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 11

Yay! I'm at 11 weeks. Time is moving fast but slow. I guess since I've been looking forward to week 12 so much time has been going by faster . . . my next date to look forward to will be week 20 to find out the gender of the baby, and that will take FOREVER to get there!!! oh well. Apparently the baby can move its arms and like to touch its face, its starting to have feelings in the skin! I wonder what a kick will feel like . . .

I still read my friends blogs that I've meet through the infertility ring, and check up on the ladies at WebMD, and my heart goes out to all of them. When i went to WebMD everyday to chat with my 6+months and over group, I used to wonder if the girls who got pregnant lurked us and smiled and gloated at our misfortune . . . I don't, it still makes me sad, and I still feel guilty everytime I write a post about what week I'm on. I just wish infertility wasn't a problem. Or babies should be granted to loving couples or single women who need children.

And on a completely different hypocritical side to this is that I will be posting an announcement on my page next wednesday. Probably my 8 week ultrsound and a wall post of "1+1=3" . . . I know, i'm lame, and yes, i've been thinking about what i will post on FB since the weekend I got pregnant. Just as did when i got engaged and married. I will write my one infertile coworker a card on tuesday for her to take home to read letting her know that I am pregnant and wanted to give her time in private to hear the news, and that work will know the following day. I will google search nice things to say because I'm horrible at writing cards . . . I can't wait to be able to share the news with everyone. And to tell my other stupid coworker how dumb her little sister is for announcing that she was pregnant the day she missed her period, because it's been a lot of fun hearing dumb coworker talk about her dumb sister and how "hormonal" she is (she's in week 6). Gimme a break. And it's a little annoying at how dumb coworker talks about her pregnant sister ALL THE TIME, when she knows that I've been trying for a long time and the infertile coworker is dealing with adoption. Dumb people!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

10 weeks!

10 weeks today!!! woooohooo!!! My little baby looks like a mini baby. It's over an inch long, and is growing FINGERNAILS! and toenails!!! Keep it up little baby, hang in there and keep growing strong.

I can't tell if my stomach looking bigger is from bloating or weight gain or if its . . . the beginning of a bump!!! I do realize that women who've had babies before like to say they didnt see a bump until 5 months or 6 months . . . but they were not paying attention to their bodies. I feel like I'm getting fat, I see new cellulite on my thighs . . . the baby is doing it . . . i do not care about healthy weight gain. I hope its a girl. I want my bump. I want to make sure everything is going well. I won't have a dr's appointment until Aug. 18, 2 weeks after I announce my pregnancy, that doesnt sound like a smart thing to do . . . but i can't wait till week 14 to announce it - i'll be in my second trimester!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Dr.'s appointment First Ultrasound

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEW! What a relief!!! Baby is growing just fine, has a strong heartbeat of 160, and measures at 9 weeks today! One day ahead of schedule. It's pretty blurry, but ultrasounds are pretty non-detailed anyhow. The little round things are arms!!! The thing that looks like an umbilical cord is actual the yolk sac - the baby lives on this until the placenta starts growing.

The ultrasound process was not painful, i had heard that a large instrument was inserted into you for the first ultrasound, it was nothing! And no, I'm not large down there. We could see the heart beating on the computer, but it's too small to hear at 9 weeks. She showed us where the blood was circulating too. I guess the baby is right above my pubic bone, no where near my muffin top (fatty waist area). I think I'm starting to gain the ugly 1st Trimester chub. Or maybe its because I'm not running as much - i get out of breath faster and it just seems a lot harder. This is a fact verified by the doctor, i am not insane for thinking running is harder. I'm having a really easy pregnancy so far, I'm very lucky. Just queasiness and food aversions. But I've been feeling great the past couple of days. I have to eat a snack every 3 hours or I'll feel queasy. I wasn't into ground beef for a little bit, but i'm back to my carnivorous self now. The thought of steamed spinach or kale makes me want to gag - i used to eat those at least once a week. The idea of baked salmon also makes me want to gag.

We'll be able to announce it to our friends around Aug.5th. My next appointment is Aug. 18, we'll get to hear the heartbeat! And the last week of September i will be 20 weeks and we'll hopefully find out the gender of the baby!

Bad Blogger Award

8 Weeks
I've been a bad blogger. I apologize. I've been anxiously awaiting my first Dr.'s appointment and trying to not stress about having the first ultrasound. I am 8 weeks and 6 days today! The baby is a little larger than a cherry!

Let me back up, for the 4th of July me and hubby had our first ever vacation!!! We went to Chincoteague Island, off of the Eastern Shore in VA. It was the most magical vacation ever. We kayaked to see the wild ponies on Assateague:
We rode bikes to Assategue to bike around the Island on all the different wildlife trails:
Anyhow, we went to the Fireman's Carnival every night, played 25 cent BINGO, i watched Hubby eat a fried oyster sandwich, a fried clam sandwich, and a deep fried soft shell crab sandwich. I was having a queasy day. I was handling the active stuff pretty well, i would take naps at the motel around 3pm everyday for an hour or so, but it wasn't like a crazy exhaustion, it could've easily been confused with being in the sun and getting a good workout! But the most amazing part of the trip was the fireworks! We waited in line for the ferris wheel for 1 hour and thought we'd get turned away when the fireworks started, but no, we rode the ferris wheel and watched the whole fireworks show!
I kept joking Hubby if he was going to propose to me. It was an amazing little vacation. It definitely made time go by faster, made me appreciate and love Hubby so much more, made me enjoy doing things at my own free will, and i can't wait to share new vavcation memories with our children one day.